STX CA is a corporate action system that takes care of the complete workflow throughout corporate actions life cycle i.e. event capture, processing, reconciliation and messaging.

Everything is based on market standards and the workflow to achieve the perfect balance between the desire to automate while still have the need to perform certain operations manually. This has resulted in the most flexible and cost-effective corporate action system in the market.

Key features

  • The most basic task of the STX/CA is to provide a simple and secure process for managing corporate action events. From announcements from the market to processed golden copies that are reported to clients via various channels.
  • The whole process is based on a pre-defined workflow to manage and monitor all steps during corporate action life cycles.
  • The workflow is presented through a modern corporate action calendar that helps both team and managers on any device to have control of all ongoing processes.
  • To support the workflow STX/CA trigger automatic checkpoints that send alarms to whom it may concern.
  • All messages are based on market standards with an extensive messaging capability and flexibility. The most important format is ISO15022 and ISO20022, but other formats are also supported.
  • Supports multi golden copies for the same underlying event to be able to handle several custodians for the same market.
  • Complete process for corporate action instructions both from clients and the following process to send instructions to the market.
  • Automatic process to reconcile entitlement calculations based on market confirmations and use this as a trigger to release transactions to safekeeping systems and client messaging.