The strengths of STX

No one has the time and money to be the best at everything. The solution is specialization, cooperation, standards and a constant drive to improve. It is the starting point for our product family STX. To act as a strong link in the chain of processes that together constitutes the securities post trade administration.

STX consists of a number of independent modules that handles clearing, settlement and corporate actions. All products are designed with respect to both operational and technical standards. Mobility and other future-oriented product development are constantly ongoing. Our motive is to continually develop together with our customers and partners. It makes us strong together and creates a cost effective solution.

The solution is called STX™

Our winning principles

We follow certain principles. These principles has grown from our experiences of how to form successful IT-projects:

Well documented IT strategy is required

Changes should go-off existing systems and IT infrastructure

Have a stepwise approach in projects

Use business and technical standards as much as possible

Keep IT-projects as small and efficient as possible

Share risk between client and supplier

Require an active joint steering committee

Develop your own staff through long term cooperation with external experts


Get control of the management of corporate actions with STX/CA. Everything is packaged in the latest technology and focus on the effective work flow and automated processes. Read more

STX/CA captures the corporate actions data from STX/DC and then keeps track of all golden copies, elections, entitlements, taxes, reconciliations etc. It delivers customized corporate action reports for a broad range of actions and security types. It manages announcements and confirmations using the SWIFT ISO 15022 messaging standard (MT56x)


Market information acts as the financial system's electricity. It creates events and STX/DC mission is to collect market information from different sources and distribute the information in a consistent format . Read more

The system provides a repository of various securities related data such as instruments and corporate action- data. STX/DC can receive data in ISO format or proprietary formats.


STX/SET distributes settlement instructions between the financial institution and the market participants (eg CSD). By collecting all market connectivity to a single module, the financial institution can achieve significant cost savings. Read more

Manages settlement instructions. It acts as intermediary between any book entry system and any central security depository (CSD) and/or global custodian.


NetClear is a clearing system for the new Nordic CCP structure produced in co-operation with NASDAQ OMX Broker Services. Read more

Netclear communicates with EuroCCP (EMCF) and Oslo Clearing and capture gross trades, net settlement instructions, collateral and fees. All data are presented and reported in a consolidated. If the clients trading system provides gross trades STX/NetClear reconciles both gross trades and net settlement instructions before the system send daily reports to clients. STX/NetClear can distribute the settlement instruction to settlement systems.